Chiranjilal Gourishanker & Co, initiated in the year 1949 by Late Sri Gourishanker Agarwal, deals with Jute Gunny Bags, Hessian Cloth, Hydro Carbon Free Ijira bags, Jute Twine, Direct poly Coated Hessian Cloth and Strips, Bitumanised Hessian Cloth and bags and every Kind of Jute and Hessian bags used for packing onion, potato and different kind of essential for the packing of products from various and diverse fields such as the Textile, Paper, Khadi, Agro-based tobacco and many more industries.

Mr. Sheo Kumar Agarwal

Mr. Vishnu Kumar Agarwal

Moreover, such Jute has the characteristics of natural resources, it is one of the most environmental friendly packing products.

As a result, keeping in mind our corporate responsibility, we have been able to successfully establish our presence in the various fields with the provision of high quality jute products.

Says Mr. Sheo Kumar Agarwal (Son of Late Sri Gourishanker Agarwal) – “With the presence of stricter quality norms and increased competition, we have been able to successfully ensure the confidence of our existing clients as well as attain venues and achieve growth.

We look forward to server you better…



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